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"Ctrl-Alt-Del" Mini Pillow Set - White

Price: 16.00 €
Producent: BitBerry
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Color: White
Print: Flex
Designer: Jakub Szeląg
Shipped within: 2-3 Days

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A set of three 25x25 cm pillows with printed pillowslip. Made of 100% cotton, always return to the previous shape.

They are filled with the anti-static polyester, there is no clumping tendency. Trimmed with a material with a very dense weave that does not let the filling slip through.

The pillowslips are made of highest quality, soft polish cotton.

- The pillowslips have zippers
- Wash temperature (pillow): 40˚ C
- Wash temperature (pillowslip): 40˚ C

Work great as a decorative element :)